The Future of the Internet: Connectivity for All!


The Future of the Internet: Connectivity for All!

Airborne Wireless Network

By Amy Lignor

Companies have taglines, brands, mottos; there are those with products and services that cause headlines to appear and consumers to become elated with what one company can accomplish. And in the case of Airborne Wireless Network, what one company can change, improve and create by utilizing hard work, skill and determination.

It is non-debatable that the internet is a necessity for this world. Technology offers us new ways to expand our ideas and advance our abilities. AWNB is the company that is focused on the power of the internet and has worked non-stop to turn what was once an outstanding idea into a stunning reality: The creation of a virtual airborne worldwide web.


Developing a system that will most assuredly change the face of business and industry in the coming years, Airborne Wireless Network will be the first airborne broadband pipeline, for worldwide broadband carrier services. Utilizing commercial aircraft to “link” the globe, this state-of-the-art system will employ aircraft as “mini-satellites,” creating a network that will offer worldwide data and communications service providers with a new, better way of doing things.


Releasing more news daily about the progress of this worldwide web, Airborne Wireless Network has shown everything: How their system will be able to help the rancher increase his business by giving him access to a hi-speed bandwidth, no matter where his ranch or farm might be located. How millions will benefit in developing countries; people who need access to the worldwide web in order to expand and share knowledge, receive aid and services during emergency and disaster scenarios, as well as having doors opened to them that were once unknown. With easier access closer to these countries, AWNB will supply this ability at a lower-cost to under-served markets.

But that’s not all the future of the internet holds. Think about having the consistency of a reliable connection on every morning commute. Think about being high in the air, thousands of feet up, yet having the ability to lead or participate in a video conference. A video conference to help the business, or simply one that gives you the ability to say ‘hello’ to the loved ones you’re missing. It is a fact that this technology is growing by leaps and bounds; technology that will quite literally make a better, easier, and more effective reality for everyone to enjoy.


The future certainly looks bright when Airborne Wireless Network speaks about the days ahead. What were once ideas and concepts are now proven facts. There will be connectivity for all one day, and no matter where you happen to be, everything from knowledge to industry will be advanced and improved.


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