The “Studiers” Need to Study Something Worthwhile


The “Studiers” Need to Study Something Worthwhile

by Amy Lignor


The environment, and keeping said environment clean, depends on a great deal of things. Most especially we need teamwork that comes from every man, woman and, yes, dog. Just like every man and woman, of course, the dog should get a little love when it comes to thanking them for all
studiers results, dog hugging, stress, humans and canines, man's best friendthe work they do. Yet from Psychology Today came results of a new study that may be among the dumbest ever made.


First of all, let’s face it, we have “studiers” studying everything. People receive grants and funding to “discover” new things that help the universe, as well as “study” things already in the universe in order to make them better. Then there are those (admit it) that receive funding and grants to do a study on something that is absolutely ridiculous.


This new debate has arisen from a study that says hugging your dog is a bad thing. Apparently they never saw those billions (and I mean, billions) of pictures, videotapes, etc. that are posted everywhere you look showing a dog cuddling up with master, mistress and best friend. This study states that dogs are “technically cursorial animals, which is a term that indicates that they are designed for swift running.” Which we all know. But the study moved on to state: “That implies that in times of stress or threat the first line of defense that a dog uses is not his teeth, but rather his ability to run away.” And when humans prevent the dog from running by hugging them, the dog becomes stressed.


The study says it can be seen in many pictures where dogs are lowering their ears, turning their heads away from the hugger and even when they lick the hugger’s face. The researcher stated that out of 81.6 percent of photos, only 7.8 percent of the dogs were comfortable being hugged. The study says to stop this action and just give them a nice pat, feed them a treat, or offer up a “kind word.”


It is a good thing these people are not marriage counselors or even more would be divorcing at this moment in time. Without a grant, people know dogs run. However, not a large percentage run away if they or their person is in danger; they run at the animal that’s preying on them. And when it comes to helping the dog and giving it a warm, comfortable hug, that is an extremely kind thing to do and makes the animal happy and relaxed.


Dogs do an incredible service to the environment. Yes, there are those who have special jobs like taking care of people in wheelchairs, servicing the deaf, blind, wearing the badge of doggie policeman – you name it, the canines do it. But even the everyday dog’s normal tendencies are one of the biggest helps we have to the planet. May seem silly to some, but think about it:


When digging up soil to bury a bone or two, the soil is exposed to the air which helps renew and enrich the soil. Dogs have the knack of being able to dispose of our own human junk that causes ill effects on our already overflowing landfills; and when it comes to dog transportation, they love to walk. This not only helps fight obesity issues in humans, but it also saves on car transportation which releases gases into the environment. Dogs take humans off the roads, which is what “green” is all about.


Dogs bond with other animals that could become endangered (or already are) and become their protectors. Don’t believe me? Check out many programs out there, including one in Australia where sheepdogs are used to protect the endangered Little Penguin. The dogs bond with the penguins and keep them safe from predators during low tide.


Do they deserve kindness and hugs? Do they really deep down despise hugs and wish the humans would go away? Be your own judge: A recent story was posted regarding an Army private who had been undergoing basic training away from home. He returns and his dog, a best friend for a good long time, actually began to cry. She was so excited she practically fell into the boy’s arms and made sure her hug was offered far before he could even begin.


In other words, let’s put the career of “studiers” on the list with line sitters and optimist speakers. It belongs there. Because, frankly, if you have this much money and are just dying to give it out (government as well as corporate investors), stop the studies. Roads need to be tarred, animals – including dogs – need to be saved from shelters, and the list goes on. Start spending money on saving this planet and saving its people.


I’m sure all canines will agree.

Source:  Baret News

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