Tops in Travel: Some Old Favs & Other “New” Adventures


Tops in Travel: Some Old Favs & Other “New” Adventures

~ by James Moore


When it comes to top traveling destinations, ‘Traveler’s Choice’ has released their ‘tops.’ And although some are not new to the journeyman’s eye, there are those that perhaps people have yet to really take a good look at.

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The top world destination rated was Marrakech. Taking a moment to call up this area to see what it has to provide is completely and utterly worth it. This is not a camel ride through sand dunes, so get that out of your mind. Marrakech is actually pure and utter magic. Markets with wares galore; peaceful, colorful gardens that you could lose yourself in; and some of the most beautiful palaces in the entire land are here to be admired. The essence of this locale is love, life and history. The small, narrow alleyways of historic Medina will never be forgotten.


London remains on the list at #6 on the most extraordinary world destinations. This is not a shock. London has each and every year shown travelers a good time. Although the food may not be the highest rated by travelers, the majesty of Buckingham Palace, the art, the pubs, the brilliance of a long, storied past; all of these make Britain a must-see. Not to mention…the culture. Tate Modern for the artiste in you; the Royal Opera House and Abbey Road for the music lover. And if you are the book aficionado in the family, exploring the famous 221B Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes resided is something you will never forget.


Rome, like Paris and London, is one of those perennial favorites when it comes to top destinations – and nothing has changed in 2015. Rome is truly a timeless city with culture and history so rich and magnificent that it reaches into your soul. A quilt, if you will, of markets, piazzas, as well as famous history. Rome’s historic sites are far more than just historic – they are sites that people long to see; people even go out and get their passports just to get there. You are tossing coins into the Trevi Fountain, staring at the Colosseum and the Pantheon, while imagining the fight of the lions, the strength of the Gladiators, and the roar of the crowd. And when it comes to food, there is no substitute: Rome is beyond perfect when it comes to serving up meals of a lifetime.


One destination chosen, however, is one that many do not think about visiting…but should. High up on the list (actually outdoing Rome, London and Paris), is Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Yes, there is history that perhaps keeps travelers away from this area, or makes them not understand what color, light, and beauty can be found in Vietnam. Saigon is not the same as Hanoi – in this northern city, it is all about charm. Hanoi has aged gracefully; the Old Quarter with its monuments and colonial architecture has been preserved perfectly. There is no forgetting about the negative side of the past, as told by sites that include Hoa Lo Prison, but this city once known as “Ascending Dragon” (aka: Thang Long), has a slew of positive, and beautiful places that are easily explored and offer an appeal that brings travelers back again and again.


The USA? Not a surprise when it comes to the USA destination coming in at Number One. The Big Apple still leads the pack. People want to get to N.Y.C. because it is literally the city that never sleeps. Shopping is superior. When it comes to food, there is a wealth of choices, and when it comes to history, landmarks, theatre, sports, a library that is beyond compare, and places to stay that are so varied, it’s hard to even narrow it down – you name it – New York City has it!


Time to take that incredible adventure!

Source:  Baret News Wire

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