What a great NEW way to display your LIFESTYLE with Artome Frames


Artome unveils their new “Lifestyle Collection” of frames


Artomé has expanded its incredible line of frames, and the all-new “Lifestyle” Collection is one of their most popular! Purchasing a frame from the trendy “Lifestyle” collection not only gives you the perfect way to display pictures of fun events, sports, or life’s coolest moments but also lets you own a true work of art that adds color and individuality to any room.

The “Lifestyle” frames are a great way to show off your passions. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a lover of a specific location or event, there’s a frame in this collection that speaks to your favorite things in life. Not only can these be used as a great award to bestow upon someone, a present they can cherish for all time, but it’s also a great gift that’s perfect for all ages—kids to grandparents will love your choice!

What a great NEW way to display your LIFESTYLE with Artome Frames

Are you a diver or someone who loves the ocean? Choose the “Dive” or “Scuba” Artomé original “Lifestyle” frame. From skiing to football, or perhaps the “Beach” Lifestyle frame that will exhibit pictures of your favorite lazy summer days, will be the perfect display to honor a favorite activity or vacation spot. Each and every choice is truly “one-of-a-kind”

What a great NEW way to display your LIFESTYLE with Artome Frames

For over 13 years, Artomé has created an illustrious reputation for quality and affordable frames. It is dedicated to partnering with schools across America for student art shows, art fundraisers, and turnkey art shows to assist in promoting art education. Now, with this incredible expansion, Artomé has brought to the market a trio of specialized frame collections that are not only beautiful, the highest professional quality, affordable, and unique to “present” your favorite images highlighting your lifestyle. Plus, each makes a great gift idea for that special “someone” in your life too!

Need a dazzling work of art for your home, perhaps a great way to show off your passions or a great gift idea? Head to the new Artomé store on Shopify and purchase one of these eye-catching frames and celebrate your “Lifestyle” today!

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