“X” Marks the Spot for Deer Hunting in Kansas: Welcome to Xtreme Hunts

“X” Marks the Spot for Deer Hunting in Kansas: Welcome to Xtreme Hunts


If you are looking to dive into a quality deer hunting experience in the state of Kansas, Xtreme Hunts is the place to go. Trophy whitetail deer hunts is what this company is all about. Being established in 2011, the company first came to be in Kansas because of the massive amount of encouragement that Xtreme Hunts received from their clients in Illinois; they pleaded for a second state for outfitting whitetails. Because of their guests’ extreme excitement, Xtreme Hunts listened to their call and put together a quality whitetail deer hunting unit in Southeast Kansas covering Bourbon and Crawford Counties.

           Marti Kiser

Finding ground in Kansas was not a problem; locating the perfect property that allowed Xtreme to offer those quality, successful trophy hunts they were known for was the real challenge. By enforcing a 140” minimum, their herd, with any mature whitetail 41/2 years and older being legal to harvest with no penalty fee, Xtreme Hunts thought of everything necessary to create successful, unforgettable hunting experiences.


The professional guides at Xtreme Hunts also go out of their way to help the hunter. They even provide pictures of cull bucks to be harvested and shooter bucks that make the 140″ requirements, so no mistakes are made. They are a leader when it comes to producing Pope & Young and Boone & Crockett bucks, and the minimums are set so that the potential of hunting a respectable Kansas Whitetail is at its fullest every single year.


With all hunts formatted for 5 days afield, they are fully-guided and, on top of it all, incredible meals and lodging are provided with your trip. When it comes to wanting quality lodging, the Xtreme Hunts Kansas lodge is a 125 year old historic Ice House that has been remodeled into a spacious and beautiful lodge, which means even those non-hunting guests you bring along will not want to go home once they arrive. The Kansas western style theme is all about hospitality and absolutely delicious food provided by Marti Kiser, lodge owner and your host. Ms. Marti’s western style cooking is enough to sate even the biggest appetite.


And there are a variety of hunts to choose from; there are even “Multi-State Whitetail Deer Hunts” where the hunter has the option to experience both Pike County Illinois and Kansas with any combination of weapons: shotgun, rifle, muzzle loader, compound bow or crossbow – you name it!


Trophy whitetail deer hunters in Pike County, Illinois and Kansas receive a quality place to hunt with safe, comfortable stands. Xtreme Hunts ensures that all hunters know their way to and from these stands and are even willing to escort hunters to the stand and exit quietly. The Xtreme guides allow you to hunt at your own pace while making sure that everything possible has been done to eliminate scent prior to your hunt. The midday travel pattern usually offers a high probability of success, so putting your time in will most likely allow you the enjoyment of harvesting the buck of a lifetime!


Your Illinois or Kansas trophy whitetail deer hunt begins on Sunday at noon when you meet with the Xtreme staff to begin your hunt. An orientation is given by the staff, and then you will meet your guide who will take you to the lodge and get you settled in for the week. That afternoon, he will then transport you to the stand for the evening hunt and each day throughout your stay.


On top of all that, the Xtreme guides will even track, recover, and field dress your trophy whitetail for you. And, upon request, they will also cape out your trophy and prepare it for the taxidermist for your trip home.


The 2017 Hunts include:

Early Muzzle Loader: $3000

Non-Rut Archery Hunt: $2400

Pre-Rut Archery Hunt: $2600.00

Archery Rut Hunt: $3000.00

Kansas Rifle Hunt: $3000.00 (1st Rifle Season 11/29 – 12/3/17 & 2nd Rifle Season 12/6 – 12/10/17)


However, when it comes to Xtreme Hunts and the incredible name they have in both the travel industry as well as the hunting realm, booking dates as fast as possible is something all hunters need to be aware of.


A fantastic lodge (where even your non-hunting guests will have a ball), fantastic meals, guides and staff that go above and beyond the call of duty, and trophy whitetail deer that are cultivated annually so that you have the best whitetail hunting trip of a lifetime! What are you waiting for, exactly? Head to: www.xtreme-hunts.com/kansas-trophy-whitetail-deer-hunts today.


Source:  SportsmansLifestyle.com



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